Live Streaming Machine compatible with HDMI / SDI 4K input

Blastreams OBS

Power on and start live streaming. Other equipment is not required! Just connect your favorite camera!

“Blastreams OBS”  is a Live Streaming Machine compatible with HDMI / SDI 4K input which enables live streaming without any other equipment besides a camera.

Normally, when using a laptop or PC to stream, you need many cables, a capture device, and other items to be able to stream clearly. With Blastreams OBS, all of those items are included in this one simple device. No need for excess cables and capture cards. Blastreams OBS is an all-in-one device! Just connect your favorite camera and you’re ready to stream!

"Blastreams OBS" is Equipped with open source live streaming tool "OBS Studio"

“OBS Studio” is a free and open streaming recording software developed by open source. “OBS Studio is an open-source streaming software. OBS captures video and audio then streams  it to various video and audio services while performing operations such as mixing, filtering, and switching scenes.

Many live distributors in Japan use “OBS Studio”, and there are many tutorials on how to use the tools and various tips are searchable on the web, as well as there are many related 101 books that explain “OBS Studio” for beginners.

Solve problems related to online lessons and reduce the burden on the educational scene

Unlike video conference apps whose quality is difficult to stabilize, quality is guaranteed while live streaming.

The image quality of online lessons in webinar format using the video conference application may not be stable due to the load on the network and the automatic optimization of streaming quality.

In particular, when streaming the white board during online class, we recommend using a live streaming format such as “Blastreams OBS” since it guarantees the streaming quality. Blastreams OBS can be used with your favorite education software to allow for streamlined and capable teaching experiences.

Enables teachers and students to exchange opinions and share information even in online classes.

By introducing “Blastreams OBS”, which is a dedicated device for live streaming, “Blastreams OBS” enables streaming online lessons, and teachers can use presentation apps to project materials used in online lessons on their laptop computer. Combining and using the “Blastream OBS” with a video conference app allows teachers and students to exchange opinions and share information about lesson content.


Item Spec
AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1605B
Number of cores/threads
4 / 8
Base operating frequency
2.0 GHz
Boost operating frequency
3.6 GHz
AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics
Maximum operating frequency
1100 MHz
Number of GPU CU
Installed capacity
Empty slot
Internal storage
Approximately 120GB including system area
Video Output
DisplayPort 1.4 ×1
Wired LAN
Gigabit LAN (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T) × 2
Wireless LAN
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Rear port
DC IN × 1
Gigabit LAN × 2
DisplayPort × 1
USB 2.0 × 4
USB 3.0 (Type A) × 2
USB 3.0 (Type C) × 1
Line in (3.5mm Stereo) × 1
Microphone Jack (3.5mm Stereo) × 1
Cooling method
Air cooling fan method
Corresponding temperature
During operation
0 - 50 degrees(Keep away from condensation)
Non operation
0 - 50 degrees(Keep away from condensation)
Power consumption
+12.0V -6.0A 60.0W (AC)
1 year manufacturer's warranty
AC adapter x 1, AC power cord x 1, Wi-Fi antenna x 2
* Manual provided online
Body Size
W370mm × D250mm × H70mm
Body Weight
HDMI / SDI video audio input
* Capturing from a copyrighted HDMI source is not possible.
Supported video input formats
720p 60fps / 1080p 30fps / 1080p 60fps / 2160p 30fps

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